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  • Andrea
  • Meola
  • M
  • Italy
  • Milano
  • Milano, Italy
  • Project Engineer / Consultant
  • 1994
  • Player Bio

    Although i learned the nail delay and few other tricks in the far 1994, i started playing real freestyle in 2003, after i met Antonio and lo Zio. Then, when i met all the top players in Rimini at FPA World 2003, i decided that, sooner or later, i would have learnt all the amazing things i’ve seen during this incredible event. A lot of jammers were important for my growth, and betweenthem i want to thank especially Randy, inspiring me every time he plays, Pipo, that thought me a lot (against the spin more than all), Larry, for exciting me with turbopalettas and crowbrushing and The Beast, for the beautiful jam at Trenno Park in 2003 that i still remember.

    Then i started competing in 2004, finding in Antonio Cusma the perfect partner. We grow and build our game togheter, and sometimes, playing with each other, is like playing by ourselves..we know exactly what will be the next move..
    Since i started i have never gave up playing, cause freestyle gives addiction…once you have started jamming it is impossible to put the disc down. It is absolutely the most funny sport in the world.

  • Career Highlights

    Winning FPA World 2007 Open Co-Op, Placing 3rd in Co-Op at FPAW 04, Winning Open Pairs EFC 04.

  • How I Started

    I started playing freestyle in 1994, at Sempione Park in Milan, from Luca Viola and other Milan players. My mith was Morgan.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Skid to ingigenous to spinning hammerosis.

  • Mentors

    First Period: Morgan, Luca Viola.
    Second Period: Antonio Cusma, Lo Zio, Randy Silvey, Pipo Lopez, Larry Imperiale,the Beast, Arthur Coddington.

  • Partners

    Antonio “Piccio” Cusma, Fabio Sanna, Claudio Clay Collera, Tommy Leitner.

  • Media & Appearances

    National and Regional channels and newspapers

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  • Other Fun

    My dog Claire, playing electric guitar, listen music.

Tournament History

2004 PaganelloOpen PairsPreliminaries6
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opPreliminaries2
2007 EFC in Roseto, ItalyOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2007 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2007 Paganello Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2006 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
2006 Rototom Frisbee FreestyleOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2006 PaganelloOpen PairsPreliminaries1
2005 AmsterJam , the European Freestyle ChampionshipsCo-opSemi-Finals2
2005 VagolinoOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2005 Paganello Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsPreliminaries3
2004 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
2004 Flying Disc Opening – Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsPrelim Playoff1