A new generation of international competitors rocks the 26th Annual 2004 Freestyle Frisbee World Championships in Rimini Italy! This year’s event saw the largest international field in the event’s history, and inspired play by many of the world’s best players. First time world titles were won by Matt Gauthier (Mixed) & Toddy Brodeur (Co-op).

International player highlights included Open Pairs finals appearances by the young Italian team of Fabio Sanna and Stefano Mestroni, and veterans Reto Zimmerman (Switzerland), Clay Collera (Italy) & Thomas Gerben (Austria). Also reaching finals in the Co-op division was the new Italian team of Eduardo Favorini, Lorenzo Apriani and Alessandro Damiano. Amit Peled (Israel) wins the Future Jammer Award. Read the press release.
From Lui (the morning after):

Good morning world.

In Rimini there is sun, sweet wind, and peace.
Some people play freestyle on the beach, other sleep in hotel, other fly,
other work, other drive…
The Paganello Beach Arena, (our freestyle Village) now is not the same of
yesteday: the “red carpet time” is finish, for this year…
So, today the world is different, because their freestylers have new thinks,
new friends, new “dreams”…
And for me, the FPA world championship is not a tournement. No, it was, is,
will only the best occasion for stay together, speake, kiss you.
Because the “essence” of life is not a “competition”, but a friend in our
heart and in our mind.
And we are really special and lucky persons: because we have much friends,
in all the world.
The life is our. We are the life.
And the young freestylers are our sons, and our future.
Thank you, Freestylers. Old & New. History & Future. Winner & Guest.
American & European.
Good morning, World.



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