Why become an FPA member?


– FPA membership is required in order to compete at FPA sponsored tournaments (World Championship, Continental championships)


– FPA membership entitles you to significant discounts for freestyle discs and other merchandise at Wrightlife.com (US distribution) and Ultimo.cz (for buying discounted discs in Europe, contact Jakub Kostel)


– You can vote in FPA surveys and elections and have an real influence to the sport (from the age of 18)


– You will get a permanent FPA member number



– Regular membership: $20 / €20


– Platinum membership: $100 / €100 or more per year


– Juniors (18 and under): FREE


– First time membership: FREE for one year


NEW: Group membership: $15 / €15 per person (min. group of 10 people)


(For getting a group membership, do NOT fill in the form below, but contact the membership director directly for further instructions)




Fill in the sign-up form below and after doing that, please scroll below the form and make the payment. You are not considered an FPA member until you pay the fee.


The FPA membership is bound to the calendar year. The 2020 membership is valid until December 31st 2020, no matter if you join in January or October.


Not sure about your current membership status? Visit the public FPA members page and find out.



Sign-up form


If you are not sure that you have successfully submitted the embedded form above or you have any other problems with it, use this direct link and fill in the form once again: https://forms.gle/DTx2yS83iLrHn9Sg7


You can choose from three types of payment:


1)  Subscription (= permanent yearly payment) – the fee will be paid automatically every year until you cancel it. Easy & comfortable way to become and stay FPA member permanently.


2) One time payment – you have to manually renew your membership every year. This option allows you to pay for more members at once. Don’t forget to fill in the registration form for each of them and state full names of all members in the Paypal form below.


3) One time payment + extra donation – if you decided to make an extra donation, do not use the buttons below. Instead, log in to your Paypal account and send the corresponding amount (membership fee + donation) to paypal@freestyledisc.org.



  • – You don’t have to have an Paypal account to pay for your membership – both options allow you to pay directly with your credit card.
  • – Paypal transaction fee of $ 1 is already included in pre-set amounts below. 
  • – If the buttons below don’t work for you for any reason you can pay directly on the Paypal website. Please send the corresponding amount to paypal@freestyledisc.org.


You will receive a welcome e-mail with your lifetime membership number upon completion of payment. Welcome e-mails are sent manually and you should usually get it within one day.


FPA Membership – Subscription
Members name


FPA Membership – One time payment
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