• How to Nail Delay

  • How to Chest Roll

  • How to Set the Disc to Learn the Nail Delay (Two-Handed Throw)

  • How to throw a ‘Backhand Air Bounce’. This is a great throw to set up your partner for a trick.

  • How to do an ‘Under-the-Leg Set’

  • How to do a “Back Roll”

  • The Moondog is a behind-the-head inverted cartwheel catch.

  • The Backhand Mac Throw is useful for increasing the spin on the disc.

  • How to do a Spingflower Turnover with one or two hands.

  • How to Cuff: adjusting the angle of the disc in relation to the wind

  • How to Put Together Combos – “Connectivity”

  • “Hot Moves”. A compilation of advanced freestyle tricks and combos.

Freestyle World Map

This map includes places all over the world where frisbee freestylers meet to jam.

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