AmsterJam 2005 is a success story.
There was/is a shortage of skystylers, but Discraft did the extra effort to provide the EFC 2005 players discs. Prizes were genuine Big Cups, Crumpler bags, a (multi cornered) ‘globe’, T-shirts and discs.
The sun was so bright that even the Italian players got sunburned. Wind was perfect on saturday but just a little squirrely during finals on sunday. Atmosphere excellent, Jammers happy, more new sponsors eager to work with us on future events, loads of spectators and publicity in all media. Live interviews on national radio (Avro’s Arbeidsvitaminen and radio 538). I know that at least 5 T.V. programs broadcasted an EFC report at prime time (national: NOS: Jeugdjournaal, NOS: Zappelin, The Box: Moccah and local channels: At5 and R.O.B. tv). Articles were printed in newspapers (Parool, Metro, ??).
And there is more to come: I expect that the press is going to pick up on freestyle again as soon as they hear a Dutch player has won the EFC.

All in all: The biggest boost for freestyle in the Netherlands uptill now.


R.F. sais: “the tournament was very high in the vibe”


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