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  • Jan
  • Soerensen
  • Esser
  • Denmark
  • Denmark Esbjerg
  • The world, Denmark
  • Student of life
  • Started competing in 2003
  • Career Highlights

    Playing for Manumission in 1999,2001
    EFC championship in Amsterdam
    in coop up and a 3 place i pairs.
    WFC in Seattle a 5 place in coop-up

  • How I Started

    i started playing ultimate in 1990, and it just when one from there.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    I dont really have a favorite move, I LIKE IT ALL.
    But if there is one it most be The Forbidden Spin

  • Mentors

    There is alot for people there have showend me stuff, but Tom leitner show me gites,and Fadio is alwas good for som in put

  • Partners

    That will be on latter

  • Media & Appearances

    Danish media and some international media.

  • Sponsors

    my bank-account

  • Other Fun

    Travelling, show board,eating, try new stuff, just live life

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