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  • Philipp
  • Lenarz
  • Sleepy Jammer
  • Germany
  • Darmstadt, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Student of Social Sciences
  • Playing in 2003 / Competing in 2005
  • Career Highlights

    Taking second place at the Scandiland Open in 2005 with my partner Peter.
    Hitting my biggest moves in a semifinal routine with Paolo Magni and Filippo Cavalca at the Worlds 2006 and winning an Aloha-price for that.

  • How I Started

    Catch and throw became boring to me. Then I discovered a short sequence from the Zen-Video on the net. This blew my mind away and since then Krae van Sickle is the ultimate style master for me.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    It’s changing all the time. I like the technical aspect of the game pretty much.

  • Mentors

    All Berlin-Players, Fabio, Tommy, Arthur, Pipo, Joey Hudoklin (he’s the greatest!)

  • Partners

    Peter Rujan, Kolja, Markus Hein, Iwan, Mehrdad, Laurent Mess, Dominique Weissenberger, Paolo Magni, Filippo Cavalca

  • Other Fun

    Partys and my girlfriend

Tournament History