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  • Anton
  • Capellmann
  • rockton
  • Germany
  • Germany/Berlin
  • Berlin, Germany
  • chef
  • http://www.berlin-jammers.de/
  • 2003/2004
  • Player Bio

    free your mind
    let it flow

    Freestyle-frisbee,another sport I fell in love with

  • Career Highlights

    Amsterjam 2004 – first jam ,
    Paganello 05,
    German open 05- 9th,
    EFC 05(amsterdamm) 7. coop,
    JAM&GO 05 – Nuerenberg 4. pairs
    3rd EFC2008 Prag coop
    German Championchips 2009-1st(pairs)& 2nd(coop)
    2nd Mixed German Championchips 2010
    1st Balti

  • How I Started

    After throwing and catching a few years I met the the first freestyle player. Starting to try the delay makes me totaly addicted 🙂 on freestyle-frisbee.

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  • Favorite Moves

    all kind of turnovers, brushes & rolls
    a lot of ZZZZZ

  • Mentors

    Calle Cultus,Phillip Jahnke,Otto Oehring, Jan Schreck,Kolja Hannemann, MAAKUS HEIN, Tom Leitner,….

  • Partners

    Jan Schreck, Kolja Hanemann,Daniel Sorgatz,Lori Daniels,Ramon Galliani,Valerio(wall)Occorsio,Silvia Caruso,Fabio Caruso, Oren Meron,Ofek Agmon,Markus Hain,Phillip Lenarz, Phillip Janke,Greg Marter, Jakub Zahradnicek,Ondrej Klega,Andrea Dini,Marc Pestontik, Balu, Gerry,bo bul, Sascha Scherzinger

  • Media & Appearances

    frisbee-freestyle.de,Tagesspiegel,zipp tv, Stadtkind mag´, MIGROS(CH)tv comercial

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Tournament History

2009 German Championships in FreestyleOpen PairsPreliminaries2
2008 JiK Jam 2ndOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2008 Butch Cassidy CupOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2008 FPA European Freestyle ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals4
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries4
2008 FRISBEER CUP – Czech OpenOpen PairsSemi-Finals4
2007 Berlin Hat TournamentOpen PairsSemi-Finals6
2007 EFC in Roseto, ItalyOpen PairsSemi-Finals3
2007 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPrelim Seeding1
2007 German Freestyle Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
2006 Berlin Hat TournamentOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
2006 Cologne Random Co-op and regular Open PairsOpen PairsSemi-Finals8
2006 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPrelim Seeding7
2006 German Freestyle Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries2
2005 AmsterJam , the European Freestyle ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals5
2005 Paganello Freestyle ChallengeOpen PairsPreliminaries7
2004 AmsterjamOpen FormatPreliminaries7
Test by AmitOpen PairsSemi-Finals1