If we needed another confirmation of the growth of freestyle in Europe and Italy, we had it at Vagolino 2005.

This past weekend, in a Milan that change his weather forecast to give us a sunny and warm weekend, 38 players participated in the Open Pairs competition, and other players lived the great atmosphere of Vagolino without competing.

The number of players is furthermore interesting if we analyze some factors: next weekend there will be the EFC in Amsterdam, and right now there are the exams for the universities’ students. This meant that players from Roma, Triesta, and some of Romagna, Veneto and Torino’s players did not attend.

In spite of it, the numbers of players surprised us, and their determination as well. First, the players from Lecce traveled twelve hours north across Italy to take part in the tournament. The long drivee was a good choice. Ramon galliani, Carlo Perrone and Angelo Mancarella had participated at Paganello as Intermediates. At Vagolino, all three made the finals. And the 4° player from Lecce, Cristina Nicolardi, participated in a nice “sensual” pair, with his girl partner Elena Dal Gesso from Milan.

Also, the guys from Roseto Degli Abruzzi showed their loyalty to Vagolino, a tournament full of meanings. Over the past years, Vagolino was the start of their freestyle adventure. Danilo Torzolini, Emidio Prosperi and Andrea Stazi gained the final, with Danilo and Emilio taking 3° place. They confirmed their important role in Italian freestyle.

The “discovery” of the year is the Veneto Region. Damiano Basso finally exited from his shell and took part in a competition. Other Bassano (a city in Veneto Region) shared the Vagolino experience. The youngest of them, Enrico Stocco, has shown his capability. Paolo Papini played with Damiano in Pairs. Davide Battaglia partecipated to the “only for fun” co-op. All impressed us considering that they are brand new players.

There were a lot of very young Milan guys, but also a new-entry from Forlì. Riccardo Bovicelli comes from the “Gaddoz’s school”, so we expect a lot of surprises from him in the near future.

Bologna made its official debut on the Italian freestyle map: Andrea Poli and Manuel Cesari showed us the style from Emilia, and came to represent a group of about 8 players. The Bolonnaises animated Vagolino, not only with their game, but also with the fun that they have for genetic mystery.

The youngest competitor? Ale Collerà. With his 13 years (and half, like he want to precise). He stepped the green carpet, in his first official tournament. Son of a champion, with a full respected master from whom he takes the spin. The master may teach him, but he has his own style. Now he has set the stage for playing in other tournaments with other players. We said there were a lot of Milan players. A lot of brand new players from Monza too, other then the “same” big Monza names. Milano confirmed itself the centre of Italian freestyle with the highest number of players, followed by Rome.

Special Mentions:
Silvia Caruso has nerves to sell: in few time she learned a lot and her wish and constant training will be prized soon.
A very fascinating routine from Giovanni Coppo and Valerio Occorsio that in Semifinals surprised us for the flow and a great cooperated game. Probably one of the most loved team also from the crowd.
Clay Collerà and Matteo Gaddoni placed 2°; a final with some much error, but an excellent difficulty level.
Without argue the 1° place of Andrea Meola and Antonio “Piccio” Cusmà: the feeling between them his growing day by day, and their style, lightly “Silvey Oriented”, has a lot personal touch: great the performance and great the catches that have a good synchro with the music. No doubt Andrea and Piccio are one of the most exciting Italian pairs.
Tournament has been very nice, busy but relaxing, without stress and with a concentrated judges board. 2 pool of 10 and 9 teams, with 10 teams in the finals.
On sunday, beyond the open finals, there have been an only-for-fun CO.OP, with hat teams, random music and a lot of self-humor.
Probably seeing play teams with Greas music has been one of the funny and teasing moment of the weekend: but Vagolino have on his side the skills to let us live in a party atmosphere, relaxed, friendly like no other tournament can do.

Vagolino is a must: the plus (if there was need to) for most of the competitors, has been the possibilitiy to try their routines and test the “carpet”, looking for the next European tournament.

By Lui (translated by Damiano Basso)


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