If I could put all my memories of the first weekend of the “Flying Disc Opening” – Freestyle Contest in Podersdorf(A) into a box, I would write “the first time” on it.

It was the first time a disc freestyle competition took place in Austria.
It was the first time many young freestylers (me included, well … forget the young …) stepped on the stage for an official competition to show the audience what they can do in the devision open and intermediate.
It was the first time Antonio Cusma’ and Andrea Meola won an official competition with an almost perfect final routine!

Words cannot really describe what the Flying Disc Opening was, so enjoy the many pictures we made to feel the spirit that was pervading the tournament.

Here you have the final results:

8 Pairs competed in the Open division, 4 entered into the final:
1. Antonio Cusma’ (Milano, Italy) – Andrea Meola (Milano, Italy)
2. Claudio “Clay” Collera’ (Rimini, Italy) – Fabio Sanna (Trieste, Italy)
3. Juray “Chorche” Turan (Bratislava, Slovakia) – Thomas “Tommy” Gereber (Vienna, Austria)
4. Matteo Gaddoni (Forli’, Italy) – Andrea Gallotti (Milano, Italy).

Not Qualified:
Stepan Materna (Prag, Czech Rep.) – Michael “Mike” Rausch (Vienna, Austria)
Ferenc “Feri” Orosz (Budapest, Hungary) – Zsolt Balogh (Budapest, Hungary)
Michael “Michi” Zseiler (Vienna, Austria) – Bejca Turanova (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Andrej « Newnew » Turan (Bratislava, Slovakia) – Latso Graus (Bratislava, Slovakia)

5 Pairs competed in the Intermediate division (some of them had a crash course Friday evening!!):
1. Gaia Audino (Torino, Italy) – Matteo Ceresa (Torino, Italy)
2. Ali (Footbag Vienna) – Lolo (Footbag Vienna)
3. Oddi (Ultimate Vienna) – Bejca (Mental Discorders, Bratislava)
4. Flow (Ultimate Vienna) – Phillip (Footbag Vienna)
5. Jakob (Spin Vienna) – Mike (Spin Vienna)

We had a very good time on the “Black Carpet” (how the Podersdorf competition platform has been rebaptised) and outside of it and I have the feeling, we started together something special here …

My thoughts also go to Tom Leitner, Lorenzo Apriani and Paolo Mirabelli, who desperately wanted to come but got stuck in Rom, because of an Alitalia strike over the whole week L

Thanks a lot again for the wonderful moments we shared together and I hope to see you soon, maybe at the Austrian Freestyle Open end of June @ or latest @ the FPA World Championships in Rimini!

Thanks also to Chris from, who kindly sponsored the presents for the winners.



PS: I don’t want to tell you about the world record Chorche beat, throwing the disc through a 40 pairs human tunnel, or about the double body roller from Clay and Chorche or about the photos for the first “Pirelli Disc Calendar”. I’m sure Fabio and Co. will do it better


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