Congratulations to Edoardo “Paperino” Favorini on winning RomaShred! it was a close finish as only 3 points separated the top 3 players including a tie for 2nd place. So, Lorenzo and Fabio had 1 combo each to decide who took the 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Fabio hit a really nice, long combo, then Lorenzo defending his home turf finished his combo with a dazzling, risky body roll sequence. The crowd chose ‘A Tutto Gas’ over ‘Al Dente’. Big props also to Andrea “Tazze” Stazi from Roseto for breaking into the top 8. Of the 22 players competing in the Open division 7 were under 25 years old with Andrea Berardi and Dario Pacchi showing that teenagers can shred too!

In the Intermediate division 8 players competed and 18 year old Emanuele took 2nd place with Napolitan jammer Attilio claiming the top spot.

Altogether, there were 32 jammers in attendance and over 10 of were showing moves they had learned in the our freestyle class taught by Nando and me at a middle school gymnasium in the South of Rome.

The event took place in the ancient Circus Maximus field where in an area of Rome where much of what you see is over 2,000 years old. It is also only a few blocks from the Collesium and at times it felt like we were jamming in a museum.

There was some inconsistent wind on Saturday but Sunday the wind was a bit stronger and more steady allowing the players to push their limits a little more. Andrea Meola may have pushed a bit too far though, during a jam after the event he slipped and fell but saved the disc only to reset for a big gitis attempt where he fell a second time and face planted on the turf – ouch! (see photo above)

Thanks to everyone for jamming to the circus-maximus!

– Tommy L


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