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  • Petri
  • Isola
  • Petri dish!
  • United States
  • Kemijarvi, Lapland, Finland
  • Somerville, MA, MA, US
  • Applications Specialist (Software)
  • 1979
  • Player Bio

    Petri spins as fast as any player. Played so solid in WFDF 1997 he helped his team win a silver.

  • Career Highlights

    WFDF Silver in 1997, European Champion 1985. Still jammin…

  • How I Started

    Saw Rose Bowl videos from the 77 and 78 games. This was in Helsinki, Finland. Decided, as a 13-year-old, that THAT is what I want to do.

Player Details

  • Mentors

    Jan Ekman, Mika Nordman, Konn. Idol of sorts: Joey Hudoklin.

  • Partners

    Mika Nordman, Jan Ekman, Kari Vesala, Kari Kaivola, Alan Caplin, Rick Williams, Pat Marron, Paul Smith, Visa Ruuhinen, Roland Karlsson, Toddy Brodeur, Carl Emerson, Jeff O’Brien, Harvey Brandt, Lasher, Reto Zimmermann to name a few.

  • Media & Appearances

    Finnish National TV, Boston channels, Cambridge Community TV

  • Other Fun

    Young son, snowboarding, inline skating

Tournament History