Mostly sunny skies. Temperature in the 70’s. Wind was variable, which sometimes caused the disc to suddenly drop giving a few teams a rough time.

Judges consisted of players, family, and friends. There were 21 judges for the Open Pair/Co-op and 23 judges for the Individual freestyle. Judges gave a score of 0-10 (10 being the highest) for every routine. The score represented the “pleasure factor” of the routine. Players had to give a score for their own routine as well. The Open Pairs/Co-op routines were 3, 4, or 5 minutes (player’s choice). The Individual Freestyle was 90 seconds.

In addition to the routines, we had a nail delay contest. Everyone self set at the same time and the last person delaying won the contest. Ted Oberhaus won the Intolerable Delay contest.

After the jamming everyone went to Chris’s house for food and drink. A surprise birthday cake was presented to Pipo and Toddy. Some players spent the night at Chris’s and jammed at Newport beach on Sunday.

Thanks to Chris DePaola for another unique freestyle event and hosting all the players at his house.


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