Another great Freestyle disc event was put on by Scannell with help from Nicky. It was held at a Brockton Massachusetts Middle School Gym. We were all happy to see everyone again. The boys (X man) and girls(Nikki) world JR champs were both there along with sibblings and local wiz kid Tim Cohn. I must say the future of the sport is looking very bright. Pipo flew in from PR, Alex from Toronto with Scott Sailor and Brad Keller from NY along with most of the locals. We had lots of snow on Friday night. It was difficult for the folks who had to drive. For example Richie Ross and family drove all the way from Penn. They were going to turn around several times but they didn’t. The NYers had a nasty drive too, and the Titcomb’s bus was delayed overnight. The tournament went on as planned. 18 or so players. It just goes to show you all these Freestylers are hungry and hardcore.

Petri “the dish” Isola was the jammer of the day. He hit almost EVERYTHING!!! Double this, triple that, simply on fire. I think he was highly inspired by his own cheering section. Nikki Ross was in top form as female jammer of the day.

We need to have tournaments to get Jammers together in one place to share and celebrate the art of Freestyle Disc. Steve hosted everybody back at his place for an outstanding awards dinner. Downstairs the days the video was on as players watched and heckled others. Many laughs.As people slowly left we watch last years Rimmini video. Pipo narrated.

Sunday was a pure 3 hour mob-op. 14 players, More jamming on Monday. Results to follow. Who cares who won! We all did.

Keep the jam alive,



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