Just a quick note to say that the 30th Annual Virginia States Overall Frisbee Championships took place this past weekend. 158 total entrants in the overall, there were 18 freestyle teams, with the deepest field I have seen in the five years that Bethany and I have been attending. We had all types of weather – sultry, chilly, rain, sun, wind – with a nice day for the freestyle competition on Sunday. Due to the weather on Saturday, and a tournament schedule change, the last couple of pairs on Sunday played in the darkening evening, which did nothing to quell the shred factor.

By Dan Y.: My Va. States experience was really great. Flying to D.C. then taking a train to Fredericksburg then walking to the tournament site just in time to play D.D.C. Meeting my frisbee hero Scott Zimmerman and making the A pool playing with Rick Sader. They say freestylers make good DDC players. Saturday was a rain day with the hard-core over-allers golfing and wondering why. Got to watch a long New York jam in the rain thinking these conditions are probably normal for them.
Saturday night many of us got to witness an epic jam starring Ted, Randy, Joey, Doug E. , and Pat Rabdau. It was the most incredible jam I have ever seen. You should have seen the looks on their faces after some of the catches were made. Freestyle Sunday featured a live band which accompanied many of the teams’ routines. Even the guitarist was a jammer. 17 entrants most of which were 3-way teams. I saw Petri catching nonstop doubles and triples, Rob Fried playing flawlessly, and Pat Marron shredding for his team on two bad ankles.
Later that night the priveledged few got to hear a Rob and Joey guitar jam featuring Lou singing an improvised song called “Brokeback Mountain Cowboy”. This Texan loves hanging out with the New Yorkers.
By the way, all this cost $65.00 for entry fee to all the events, all the food, beer, coffee, water,etc. for 3 days and a nice long-sleeved T-shirt. I got to see so many old friends and got re-aquainted with people I haven’t seen in years. I thank Lazlo, Jamco, and everyone who was there.


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