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Total Events Major Wins Non-Major Wins
36 4 11
  • Erwin
  • Velasquez
  • Erwin (V-Bro)
  • United States
  • Plainfield, NJ / USA
  • Tampa, FL, US
  • Fine Arts/Performance Arts/Life's Experiences
  • 1975
  • Player Bio

    9 Major Titles, Won World/Major Titiles in 4 different Decades.

  • Career Highlights

    76’&77′ WFC Rose Bowl Champ.80’World FPA Open Pairs/Jens. 80’Co-op w/Jens/D.Rhodes.81’FPA Mixed Pairs w/L.Engel.82’US Open w/Jens.94’US Open Champ w/Ted&Friz. 95’FPA Co-op Champ w/Ted&Friz.2002 FPA Co-op w/Ted/Randy.

  • How I Started

    1975 with brother Jens/playing Speedflow and started High School Ultimate Team. Won the H.S. State Championship. First Freestyle Tournamant competition ever was with Jens at Octad 76′ (april) took 2nd. 4 months later won 76 Rosebowl Championship.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    NO one favorite move. But a turbo spinning, high diff multi-set/multi-combo finished with a tripple spinning flamingosis pull to a triple spinning gitosis catch,…that would work.

  • Mentors

    Everyone, going back from 1975′ till now.

    EARLY MENTORS: Jens, Westerfield, Kirkland, Stork, Irv Kalb, Joey, Donny Rhodes.

    Later on Mentors: Ted Oberhaus, Friz, Randy Silvey, Paul Kenny & Pat Marron. So, many more too mention.

  • Partners

    Jens, Ted Oberhaus, Friz Coleman, Randy Silvey, John Kirkland, Donny Rhodes, Laura Engle, Chris Ryan, Larry Imperiale, Paul Kenny, Pat Marron, Eric Wooten, Judy Robbins, Stacy McCarthy,

  • Sponsors

    Wham-0, Reebok, Nike, Pepsi, Bud-Light

  • Other Fun

    Just Life itself. Everyday you wake up its a GIft.
    Love to Play Disc Golf. Great overall player once upon a time. Love a good DDC game… Hanging out with my kids. Wrestling, coached my son for 10 years.

Tournament History

2006 The JammersOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2006 30th Annual Virginia States Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen FormatSemi Playoff2
2002 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries2
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1995 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries4
1981 Rose Bowl World Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen FormatSemi-Finals3