What an outstanding event. From the hosting to the jamming to an appreciative audience, the highlights were incredibly numerous. Ted Oberhaus, Scott Sailor and the Ross family snagged all the hardware, but that is only a small part of the excellence that transpired. Steve Scannell (our beloved TD) and Nicki Nicholson put on a juggling performance that was sophisticated and a joy to watch. Steve probably had the highlight of the tourney with his flying ‘table top’ Bose-itis while playing with shredmeister Steve Hanes, making a return following back surgery. Steve is so awesome with his gymnastic flowing style looking sweet. Petri Isola and Alan Caplin shredded and seed busted to the finals, where they again played great. The Ross ladies themselves seed busted, shredding in mixed AND open pairs. Mark Ide was a jamming fool, displaying some old school savvy. Brad Keller and

Bill Dubulier had an excellent routine with a lot of speedflow components. Brad’s range of goofy throws was confusing. The Titcomb boys were in fine form, showing off the kind of air youthful legs allow for. Ted came out of the woodwork to remind us all how much work is to be done. He and Deanna Ross had a cool mixed routine if he could only do spin moves, his game would be complete!

Ted and Scott Sailor gave us an insider’s view of the Pucci sports routine, including handing out a ‘Playbill’ of their winning performance piece (courtesy Chrissie) in the Finals (see photopoint). The routine was intense making the audience work to keep up outstanding. It is clear what is happening with Scott. I do not know how to define ‘IT’, but I know it when I see it and Scott has ‘IT’. His individual routine was a sheer thing of beauty. Flowing, timed, difficult, continuous, air, big seals and confident.

Ricchi and Nikki Ross had a great mixed routine. Both of them are growing by leaps and bounds and it showed very clearly as they took home the gold. Toddy Brodeur and Diego Gamboa probably did the most peeling. They shredded and then shredded. I was not there Thursday, but I was told Dan Yarnell was going ridiculous, leaving the other Jammers in the dust. At the tournament, it was a tossup as to whether Ted or Scott was the ultramegaheinest. On Sunday, it was Toddy. Displaying a new array of moves and seals, he is ripping!

On the social side, Steve opened his doors and the vaults. A big meal was served for the awards ceremony at the Gondola nearby with an interesting waitress experience. Nicki cooked breakfast and bagels were always plentiful. We watched a lot of videos and enjoyed the view as we listened to the ice crack on the lake. After Sunday’s mobup, we went to Toddy’s to hit the hot tub, outdoors (frozen) lakeside.

Steve has a great tourney, over 20 jammers strong and growing coming from Texas to California and all over. He is ready to host the 2002 FPA Worlds as it was clear all the locals enjoyed chipping in with housing, airport runs and all the little things a TD stresses about. The freestyle faction of NEFA is a strong team capable of pulling off anything. Thanks guys and girls!

Steve, thanks again for spilling your heart and soul out there for us and great jamming too!!!

Paul Kenny


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