Below is a description of the “Marketing Director” position on the FPA Board of Directors and a statement from the candidate (Lori Daniels). This position is elected for a 2-year term.



  • Promote membership and free flying discs within membership packets with goal of generating 500 new members
  • Tell as many people as possible about, in a non-spamming way.
  • Public Relations – Build PR Templates & Media Lists, issue Press Releases, etc.
  • Maintain archive of photos, clippings, videos, etc.
  • Secure major sponsor(s) for FPA & Events. Write and follow up on proposals to Wham-o, Discraft, and other organizations for product and financial sponsorship.  Help TDs get sponsorship products and/or cash to aid in financing events.
  • TD Coordinator/Liaison.  Coordinate FPA events with TDs and be primary contact for TDs.
  • Develop Tournament Director (TD) Promotions Kit to support TDs for promotion, sponsors, and media relations.
  • Secure quality trophies at lowest possible cost and ensure that they are shipped to TDs on time.
  • Improve FPA Merchandising (cool shirt, more discs, etc.) to generate income for FPA
  • Develop Players Publicity Kit  (players can customize for attracting sponsors).


Lori Daniels, USA


Aloha FPA Members,


I’m Lori Daniels and I’m running for FPA Marketing Director.  I’ve been the Executive Director for the FPA for the past 6 years and found that in this role, there’s a great deal of collaboration and teamwork that goes into fostering the growth of freestyle!  I believe that the Marketing Director role is essential to communicate to folks in our respective communities about how great freestyle disc is, and to figure out creative means to Spread the Jam.  I’d like to continue to team with the FPA Board of Directors and FPA Members to help get more folks jamming and enjoying freestyle.


Some ideas that I would like to pursue:

  • Creation of a template Press Release that can be made available to all competitors to use in their home towns to let their local newspapers/television/media outlet know that there’s a freestyle competitor in their midst,
  • Creation of a template press release that FPA members can use about an upcoming Freestyle Jam Camp or freestyle education tour to schools,
  • Inviting back our Legends of Freestyle (the people we admire on those 1980s videos who used to jam, but have drifted away, yet have so many great stories to share about our sport); having them be our live-stream Color Commentators during FPA Worlds, EFO, or AFOs; working toward creating a fan-base within our audiences;
  • Work closely with the FPA website team to maintain the content and add information about how to promote events.


These are some of the freestyle promoting ideas that I believe can take our sport to the next level of expansion.  As Executive Director of FPA, I have maintained a positive working relationship with the Professional Disc Golfers Association (PDGA) and World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF).  Given that, I’d like to begin pushing for more freestyle involvement in any and all PDGA & WFDF activities that they’re focused on to help freestyle become more integrated in their proposed sporting events, as well as increase the non-disc playing world’s awareness about freestyle-specific events. I can also help the new Executive Director and Board members transition over the next year, at the very least.  


It’s been great to serve the FPA as the Executive Director and I hope that you’ll consider me as a viable person to step into the role of Marketing Director for the FPA.