Below is a statement from the candidate (Fabio Sanna) for the “Education Director” position on the FPA Board of Directors.  This position is elected for a 2-year term.



Fabio Sanna, ITALY


I’m honored and happy to have this opportunity to take part again in the FPA committee as Education Director.


I will do my best to keep the educational projects going on now and be willing to explain some ideas I had to create useful material we can all use for educational purposes. 

In the past I worked on the field teaching kids how to play Frisbee, from Italy to US and India.


I based my classes on the teachings of experienced teachers as Toddy Brodeur, Gary Auerbach and Clay Collera, and many other players, and I thank you all for that! 


I also helped putting together the Freestyle Frisbee FIFD manual. 


Now I’m not teaching anymore as I just became father, so now I have more time to help the FPA to create some new tools to learn having fun. 


Big hug to you plastic friends!