Dear FPA members and community,


Thank you for taking the time to vote on the three positions that are running out by the end of the year. We are very happy to announce new and ongoing candidates for the FPA board starting in 2023.

The Vice President position was only implemented last year, and our experience so far has been great. It makes so much sense to share the workload and lead the FPA together as a duo. After a very successful year serving as the Vice President, Edoardo Turri was elected again with a great majority for a term of three more years.
Thank you Edo for your continued contribution to the sport and to the FPA.

After many years of serving as the Treasurer of the FPA, Bethany Sanchez was willing to run for another term of three years and the membership voted with great majority for her.
Thank you Bethany for your ongoing support and for playing a significant role in the FPA board.

The third open position was for the Marketing Director. We had three candidates for election: Chris Ryan, Katy Gimma and Yarden Borkow. The membership put out votes for each of you and you all had a very valid background for that position.
In the end, Katy Gimma got the majority of votes and we are happy to introduce her first term on the FPA board, knowing her skills will be very useful to the growth of the sport.

Chris and Yarden will be available to contribute as a team members for marketing projects, we are therefore pleased to win all three of you in the marketing team for the FPA.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Daniel O’Neill for the effort and energy he put into the FPA as the previous Marketing Director and into the sport in general. Daniel, it was great having you on the board of the FPA, you are a true ambassador of freestyle and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Dear members and community, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We can’t wait to see you very soon in 2023!

Your presidents,

Freddy & Edo, FPA