• yarden
  • borkow
  • Borkow
  • Israel
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Ra'anana, Israel
  • Student
  • September 2004
  • Player Bio

    I love freestyle just as much as Ultimate, thanks to the BulaFlow where I started to really love Ultimate.
    Frisbee is the sport that changed my life and I thank everyone who made me know it.
    I would love to play with you in Israeli or international tournaments…


  • Career Highlights

    I competed in IFC 05′ and met many of the greatest players in Israel.
    I also competed in IFC 06′ with Ofek Agmon And won 2nd place.

  • How I Started

    In my junior high – I went to a frisbee major class taught by Dori Yaniv, Asaf Levi and Yakir Ratner.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Flamigitis pull, BTB pull, double-leg, rolls.

  • Mentors

    Asaf Levy taught me how to throw and the spirit of the game, Yakir Ratner and Dori Yaniv taught me ___ and I am very grateful for that!

  • Partners

    Ran Klein and Ofek Agmon

  • Media & Appearances

    I was on Yoram Gaon’s show on channel 22 in the Israeli television. In addition, I was a part of a series on the Israeli kids’ channel, about frisbee.

  • Other Fun

    Swimming, bowling, all kinds of ball-games, skateboard, snowboarding, surfing and mostly – Ultimate Frisbee!