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  • Amy
  • Schiller
  • Dude, Amy Dude
  • United States
  • Milwaukee, WI USA
  • Ocean Beach, CA, US
  • Marketing Executive, San Diego State University
  • 1985
  • Player Bio

    Amy is probably the best overall women’s disc athlete ever. Check it out: After being a star Ultimate
    player and winning several U.S. Open overall championships (7 different disc sports, including freestyle), Amy earned the title of women’s “Player of the Decade (90’s)” in freestyle. In the mixed division, Dude and her partner and husband Dave Schiller are tough to beat.

    In 1990, Amy made an attempt at the “triple-crown” of Frisbee Disc Sports. Winning the Women’s World Disc Golf Title and the Women’s US Open Overall Title, she worked with her San Diego women’s ultimate team, Safari, to place 2nd at the National Championships. Sooo close!

    Amy was unable to defend her 2001 Womens World Freestyle Title in Boston in 2002, as Amy and Schill Man were busy taking care of their beautiful new son, Brady. We look forward to Amy and Dave’s return to competition in 2005!

  • Career Highlights

    Meeting Dave Schiller and having his baby

  • How I Started

    Amy’s early years as a frisbee player were spent on an Ultimate team in Chicago.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Spinning bad attitude

  • Partners

    Dave Schiller, Stacy McCarthy, Judy Robbins

  • Media & Appearances

    Sports Illustrated inside cover, Shape Magazine, 1991, National Jeep commercial 1996, ESPN and much more.

Tournament History

2014 BeachStylersIndividual OpenFinals4
2013 Beach StylersOpen PairsFinals2
2010 FPA World ChampionshipsWomensFinals2
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
2007 Arizona StatesOpen FormatFinals5
2007 The JammersOpen FormatFinals4
2005 30th Annual Arizona State Freestyle/OverallOpen FormatFinals2
2005 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsWomensFinals3
2004 World Masters/Juniors Frisbee ChampionshipsMasters OpenFinals4
2004 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals5
2003 San Diego Beach Freestyle Frisbee Tournament at Mission BeachOpen PairsFinals6
2001 WFDF ChampionshipsWomensFinals2
2001 Summerfest OpenOpen PairsFinals3
1999 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals2
1998 AZ States – ScottsdaleOpen PairsFinals7
1998 FPA World ChampionshipsWomensFinals2
1998 Beach Championships – San DiegoCo-opFinals5
1998 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals2
1997 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals8
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsWomensFinals2
1996 Tampico OpenOtherFinals2
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals7
1996 So. California State Overall ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals4
1996 La Mirada Spring One-Day OverallOpen FormatFinals2
1996 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals7
1995 World Beach InvitationalMixed PairsFinals2
1995 FPA Eastern Nat’l Flying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals10
1994 Santa Monica CupOpen PairsFinals4
1994 FPA World ChampionshipsMixed PairsFinals6
1994 California State ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals3
1994 World Beach InvitationalOpen PairsFinals5
1994 Wintertime OpenOpen FormatFinals6
1993 Arizona StatesOpen PairsFinals7
1993 Amazing Flying Disc ChampionshipsMixed PairsFinals2
1993 WFDFWomensFinals3
1993 California OpenOpen PairsFinals8
1993 LaMirada Disc Club Spring OverallOpen FormatFinals2
1992 Ventura Fall ClassicMixed PairsFinals6
1992 Freestyle Players Association Worlds ChampionshipsMixed PairsFinals2
1987 U.S. OpenWomensFinals2
1985 San Antonio National Freestyle ChampionshipsCo-opFinals4
Test by AmitOpen PairsFinals5
2010 FPA World ChampionshipsWomensSemi-Finals2
2008 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opPreliminaries2
2007 Arizona StatesOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2007 The JammersOpen FormatSemi-Finals2
2005 30th Annual Arizona State Freestyle/OverallOpen FormatSemi-Finals1
2004 World Masters/Juniors Frisbee ChampionshipsMasters OpenPreliminaries3
2001 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsMixed PairsSemi-Finals4
2001 WFDF ChampionshipsWomensSemi-Finals2
2001 Summerfest OpenOpen PairsSemi-Finals4
1999 WFDF ChampionshipsWomensSemi-Finals1
1998 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1997 Arizona StatesOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsMixed PairsSemi-Finals1
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1995 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries5
1994 Santa Monica CupOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1994 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals7
1992 Ventura Fall ClassicOpen PairsSemi-Finals5