The Juniors and Seniors Overall tournament wrapped up last night with a festive awards ceremony at Tampico’s Lounge. The weather was perfect all week long. The results were a complete blowout win with a dropless routine by Dave Lewis and Pipo Lopez. They look primed to compete at the FPA’s in Berlin hitting clean co-ops and playing conficently through the whole routine. Second place featured a stunning comback for recently ailing Jonathan Willet who with team mate Jamie Chantilles took full advantage of the sweet winds off of Monerey Bay. Third went to the flowmasters Chipper Bro Bell and Divin’ Dave Bailey. Bailey suffered a seperated shoulder on his signature tuck and roll gitis early in the routine but continued undaunted. Fourth went to crustmasters Dan “Stork” Roddick, Jim Herrick and Rick Williams. 5th went to Skippy Jammer, Mark Regalbutti and Carl Dobson. Steve Scannel and Doug Korns rounded out the field.


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