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  • Chipper "Bro"
  • Bell
  • Bro
  • 1223
  • United States
  • Ventura, CA
  • 1965
  • master of hein
  • www.chipper.com
  • Player Bio

    For the record, Chipper Bro’s Stoke-O-Meter dial goes to 11. He is, without a doubt, THE quintessential Freestyler of all time. His influence on the next generation of players is profound. And there is something absolutely pure about his game. His form is perfect, his execution on-point and his passion for play knows no bounds. All in all, he is a complete joy to watch.

    He was also able to expose 100’s of thousands of people to Freestyle. Touring throughout USA, Europe, Japan, China and Australia and 1980’s TV shows like that’s Incredible, Entertainment Tonight and ESPN’s Amazing Games. The Bud Light Frisbee Team performed 1000’s of demos over a decade and the team was the opening act for 10’s of thousands of people opening up for bands like Cheap Trick, Heart, Jan and Dean, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana and many others. Chipper jammed with the team on the Great Wall of China.

    His game is typified by his long powerful lines, a strong counter delay game and an articulate and strong clock wind game. And his catching game is the greatest of all time. Look-away-Gitis with a ‘Peace out’ thrown in for extra flair. A massive ‘Pull Up the Roots’ like no one else. And a variety that can only be described as ‘inspired’. Chipper Bro Bell, shredding the gnar. An Icon for the sport of Freestyle.

  • Career Highlights

    1982 World Disc (withJoey Hudoklin)
    1983 FPA Worlds Co-op (with Joey Hudoklin and Mark Regalbuti)
    1984 FPA Worlds Mixed (with Ann Zemaitis)
    1985 World Disc (with Crazy John Brooks)
    1986 FPA Worlds Co-op (with Crazy John Brooks and Joey Hudoklin)
    1987 FPA Worlds Co-op (with Crazy John Brooks and Joey) Hudoklin
    1987 WFDF (with Joey Hudoklin)
    1987 US Open (with Crazy John Brooks and Joey Hudoklin)
    1988 FPA Worlds (with Joey Hudoklin)

  • How I Started

    First Tournament: 1980 Santa Barbara NAS

Player Details

  • Partners

    Joey Hudoklin, Crazy John Brooks, Richie Smits

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Tournament History

1987 WFDF World ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals1
1987 U.S. OpenCo-opFinals1
1987 FPA World ChampionshipsCo-opFinals1
1985 World DiscOpen PairsFinals1
1982 WFDF – World FLying Disc ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals1
2001 FPA World Freestyle Frisbee ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries4
1999 FPA Worlds – Santa CruzOpen PairsPreliminaries1
1997 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals4
1996 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries3
1994 Santa Monica CupOpen PairsPreliminaries2
1994 FPA World ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals5
1992 Freestyle Players Association Worlds ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals8