Well, Jim came through for us. Great weather, great crowds, kind winds for the most part and a great jam and crowd response at the Jaguars game. BTW, the Jammers helped the Jags to a big win! This tournament would not have been nearly as smoothly run without the enormous help provided by Tommy Leitner. Taking the bull by the horns, he covered some bases overlooked by the TD and truly made things happenÉthanks Tommy, you are one of a kind. Special thanks to Bob “Friz” Coleman who came late to enjoy the show and provided awesome announcing which really worked well with the busy pep rally crowd. Thanks Friz! Major kudos go to Carl Emerson who quietly and with joy, provided a rental truck, manual labor and a tournament banner with the tourney logo which was all first class. Carl is Top Shelf and without him I would have been helpless.

There was so much hein jamming, especially in the semis. With an extremely deep field providing a very competitive and fired up backdrop, the show was awesome. Jammers from Puerto Rico, CA, CO, MA, KY, CT, PA, FL and TX traveled in to rock the Jax world. Tommy and Murf just peeled. Hos convoluted and Pipo Pipo’d. Jeff O’Brien had probably three or four moves of the tournament. Steve Scannell’s arrival signaled the return of the traditional mystery jammer.

A very tasty mixed field impressed an audience not aware of just how awesome these ladies can peel. Anne played with savvy from jamming so much. Nicki continues to improve greatly, impressing even those of us who have recently seen her. Renee just knows how to play, continuing her growth. But clearly the highlight of the mixed field was Nikki. She just plays with a very comfortable spirit and is open to new ideas and able to execute them immediately. Ricchi, she is a FREESTYLER!!!! All those other awards and victories are just stuff!!!

The open finals saw the winds pick up a bit. With some tents in the wind line, extra care was needed. All four teams came out shredding with everyone hitting their best stuff. The cleanliness of the routines were the difference as it might have been impossible choose otherwise.

On the injury front, it seemed with everyone going for it, a few bumps and bruises occurred. Tommy bonked his head and got a neck stinger on the last catch of their finals routine. Buddy “Hammerhead” Adams separated his shoulder, went to the hospital, then got up first thing the next morning and jammed! It seemed only Murf escaped any tweaks, even going for his famous flipÉ

Those qualifying for the Jags demo included Nikki, Anne, Tommy, Murf, Larry, Paul, Gregg, Pipo, and Toddy and Buddy. Because of Tommy’s injury, he laid out of the demo and Murf and I mutually concluded Carl most deserved the opportunity to replace him as the “winner” of the most Jammer spirit. The demo went awesomely. A great wind, huge crowd and playing to U2’s “Desire” (Irish band, more tributing to Jim), everyone peeled. Murf and Laerbs especially seemed to get the fans rocking. As we left the field, there was an awesome roar from the fans which cemented the sense that we all were having the times of our lives.

We love you Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again to everyone who came in for the jam. It is because of the kindness, heart, skills and friendships of you all that this event happens.

Here are some quotes from the players….

“Estoy boracha J thank you pipo for jamming with meÉ you are AWESOME! And for once we didn’t have any tropical storms at the Jammers J – Renee

Big Wind. Big Players. Big Quad Gitis. Big Fun. “Big Uggo” Hos

First it’s the Friendships, then it’s the Tournament. The weather seems to not matter as much as the Fun. Carl & Michele

Once again,I could not (shoulder) the burden alone!!!! Buddy Adams ” HammerHead”

Jax is the max, Fun is the bun, Jam as to slam, I love to show the goods when I’m livin in the hood. Toddy

Winds were a little narll , but that didn’t stop O’Brien and Pipo from shredding. The move of the tourney was a gitis brush into a gitis catch. But when the winds really kicked up it was Pipo who raged. Nice play by all the players and hangin’ with everyone is what it’s all about anyway. : ) heindiego

This tournament gets better every year. Pipo

Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, He picks you up at the airport, He lets you stay at his house, He never runs out of almond-flavored tequila, And, finally, he keeps the hurricanes away. Every year the tournament gets better, But mostly the better one is Paul. Congratulations, Jeff

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes., Then you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have his shoes. Nad Llenray

We are having a blast ! thank you Jammers !

Go steelers!!!!!!!!



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