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  • Gregg
  • Hosfeld
  • The Miniac & Big Uggo
  • United States
  • Sarasota FL USA
  • Orlando, FL, US
  • comic, juggler, writer, frisbee pro, rope/wire walker, frivolist, disc golf course designer/builder
  • http://jugglist.com,frivolist.com,wcdgd.com,laughterbation.biz
  • played for years before 1st tourney in 1976
  • Player Bio

    Gregg Hosfeld (aka “the miniac”,”Big Uggo”, “Frivolist” & “G-Ho”) played frisbee football in the street for a few years before his next door neighbor invited him to see the Florida Frisbee champs do a half-time show at a local semi-pro football game circa 1976 in Sarasota, FL.

    “Mark & Jeff Watson blew me away with their freestyle demo. I all but forced my next-door neighbor to throw “catch” with me near the only gate through which these pony-tailed Frisbee wizards could exit.
    I was invited to a practice and my life was irretrievably altered.”

    For the next few years Gregg played Ultimate with the Sarasota team and followed Jeff, Mark, Quigley Wiley, and “Blue” Ronk around until he finally beat them in the Florida overalls.

    In 1983 he toured with Danny McGuiness and John Giza with National School Assemblies doing shows from Colorado to Louisiana. The continuous shows and controlled atmosphere helped Hosfeld develop a strong indoor game.

    Hos narrowed his focus to Freestyle and Disc Golf, in which he won the PDGA Worlds in 1987. “I love Disc Golf and Freestyle because, to me, they represent opposite ends of the Disc Sports Spectrum. Disc Golf is a slow, plotting and methodical game for individual players, even in team golf. It’s problem Solving with a disc. Freestyle is more in the moment. It is more reactive, and very creative. Not to mention the theatrical and cooperative nature of working with everyone on the field. And a wonderful way to work-out.”

    Earlier in 1987, he made the US Open Freestyle Finals with Peter Laubert and Randy Wylot (or was it Chris Ryan?) and again the following year with Tim and Tom Salit.

    His penchant for trying extremely contorted moves earned him the nickname “Big Uggo”. A photo taken of his “Monstroliver” at Sweden’s 99 WFDF was a finalist for FPA artwork in 2000 (?) Hosfeld’s Monstroliver catch is considered the most contorted catch in all of freestyle.
    He won the jammers tournament in jacksonville the two years before it was actually called the jammers. (as well as the overall tournament that the freestyle portion was attached to)

    highest FPA ranking-17 in 98 or so (will require research which I don’t have time to do)

    Has performed freestyle shows and demos at Sea World, Disney World, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, and pro ball events such as Orlando Magic half-time, and two Jax Jags pre-shows. Disc tours include Air Aces, National School Assemblies, Hero Kobo’s “Artists of Life” & Spinning Bees.

    Hosfeld also appeared on Late Night with David Letterman where he set the World Record for mini frisbee breath tips. see clip at http://www.jugglist.com/video.html

    Hosfeld has over 50 State, National and World titles in Disc Sports including the WFDF open disc golf gold medal at age 50 and State Freestyle titles in FL, TX & AL.

  • Career Highlights

    won…Florida Freestyle (81, 82 & 90). Alabama Freestyle (90)Texas Freestyle (90)S.E. National x (96 & 97)Japan National champ (92)U.S. Open finalist (87,88 & 98)

  • How I Started

    started in late 60s playing catch. Then attended a semi-pro ball game to see the FL. Frisbee champs.They invited me to a practice…it blew up from there.

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  • Favorite Moves

    OK, here goes.LH flat set under RL, LL over (to outside) LH flat delay & set to LH bhb against pull to LH twisto to RH bhb pull straight into bad attitude set to Monstroliver catch. Followed by a chiropractor and a rolfer. That’s Big Uggo.

  • Mentors

    Mark & Jeff Watson, Quig Wiley, Blue Ronk, Scott Keating

  • Partners

    Former partners include: Scott Keating, Barak Lifshitz, Paul Kenny, Buddy Adams, John Houck, Jim (when he was Schmal), Jeff “Getty” Freeman, Gary “Spinning Bees” Auerbach, Dave Murphy (but he doesn’t like to talk about it), Pipo “the breeze” Lopez, Mike “Will-eye” Williams, Glen Whitlock, Peter Laubert, Cindy Kruger, Judy Robbins and a host of others who either carried me or vice versa.

  • Media & Appearances

    “Flip-Over-Us” TV 35 promo-Orlando, ESPN, Canada AM, America’s Funniest People (who hasn’t ?), Show me the Funny, Nickelodeon’s “Extreme Gas” Sports & Games. Oh, and this little show called Late Night with David Letterman.

  • Sponsors

    Hang 10, Sea World & Circus World theme parks, Wham-o

  • Other Fun

    no time for that.I did promise myself that I would have sex some time in next millennium or two

Tournament History

2005 The JammersOpen FormatFinals3
2003 Jammers ChampionshipOpen PairsFinals3
2001 Jammers ChampionshipsOpen PairsFinals4
2000 AZ StatesOpen FormatFinals5
1999 Jammers Championship – JacksonvilleOpen PairsFinals2
1998 Jammers Championships – JacksonvilleOpen PairsFinals4
1998 US Open – DallasOpen FormatFinals2
1997 Florida StatesOpen FormatFinals2
1997 VA StatesOpen FormatFinals6
1996 Florida StatesOpen PairsFinals2
1995 Florida StatesOpen PairsFinals4
1987 Canadian OpenOpen FormatFinals2
2004 The JammersOpen PairsSemi-Finals4
2001 Jammers ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals2
2000 AZ StatesOpen FormatSemi-Finals3
2000 Jammers ChampionshipsOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
1999 Jammers Championship – JacksonvilleOpen PairsSemi-Finals1
1999 WFDF ChampionshipsOpen PairsPreliminaries2
1998 US Open – DallasOpen FormatPreliminaries2
1997 VA StatesOpen FormatPreliminaries3