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  • Buddy
  • Adams
  • Hammer Head
  • United States
  • Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Daytona Beach, FL, US
  • software,web graphics
  • 1982
  • Player Bio

    I play hard, and take,’shred or die’ seriously. I played an overall tournament with broken bones in my face after a collision in an MTA event.I ended up having seven hours of reconstructive surgery , and even played several times with a seperated shoulder.That’s how “Hammer Head” came about.

    To go huge and release the freak is an awesome feeling. Every jammer knows that sometimes your best moments are when your alone and pull off your best combos. There is nothing like playing your best whether it’s in a tournament or just jammin at the beach.

    The best jam I ever had was in the Bayou with Pat and Deaton. Those guys are the ultra hein jammers. freestyling is just for fun now, but I stil love going to the beach and playing my heart out..

  • Career Highlights

    2 Fl.State titles, 3 Fl. State Beaches titles, 1 Southeastern National title. 2 Tennessee State titles. Semis’96 US Open, semis’95, ‘2001 Worlds.

  • How I Started

    I saw Billy and Debbie Emerson on the beach back in’82, and I asked them “how do you do that”, they said,”like this, wanna learn” Who could resist?

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    double-spinning gitosis

  • Mentors

    Friz, Murph, Pat Carrasco, Billy Emerson

  • Partners

    Pipo, Greg ‘the miniac’ Hosfeld, Sean Harrigan, Scott Sailor, Paul Kenny, Toddy Brodeur, Rik Downs

  • Media & Appearances

    Spring Break Activities Daytona Beach.Opening of the beaches commercials.Speed Weeks for The Daytona 500 Nascar race.

  • Sponsors

    Disc Player Sports

  • Other Fun

    Beach, Family, Sky Diving !!!!

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