Well…Execution…I’m all for it…
The winds howled for the open semis and mixed finals and then calmed down so the rains could pour. In any case, the results were right out of survivor as exemplified by Toddy and Dan coming out, eating worms and bringing a snake charmer out with them. Because of the winds (25 or so), the results were skewed. Even though the results may not show it, some of the best shredding occurred from teams not making the cut. Specifically, Cindy and Terry Johnson (TJ) absolutely shredded. TJ loves wind and Cindy played as savvy as any. Carl Emerson and Jeff O’Brien hit some of the best moves of the day. Jeff has stuff I can only visualize on video! Buddy Adams and Scott Sailor had wicked strong moves but were bitten by the wind gods. Buddy hit his ordinary double spinning gitis from the old days (very old). In mixed, the wind gods again spoke loudly. Renee clearly had the move of the tournament, setting the disc way out, camping back putting on a monster pose and NAILING it big time. The Krugers peeled, especially Cindy, but were bitten again by the wind gods.

In any case, two teams from each open field made the finals which now will be indoors after the demo at the Jaguars game.

More tomorrow…Paul Kenny

Due to the conditions experienced in Saturday’s outdoor rounds, two very important decisions were collectively made. First, a tribal destressification occurred at Cyclone Anaya’s where medically pure tequila was offered to the gods of shred. Secondly, the Sunday round would be played in a gym.

The group had excellent conditions for the Jacksonville Jaguars pregame demo, with light winds, a light drizzle and golf course green quality lawn with great drainage. The Jaguars decided late in the process to allow 10 performers do the pregame demo. All finalists were able to play. Dan Yarnell played with Toddy Brodeur, Tom Leitner played with Dave Lewis, Carlos “Pipo” Lopez played with Gregg Hosfeld, Jeff Kruger played with Paul Kenny, and Cindy Kruger played with Renee Pardo. All wore tournament embroidered golf shirts with an added embroidered commemorative patch on the sleeve. From what folks say, all were hitting hein combos.

Hurricane Gordon was pummeling the Gulf Coast driving Pipo, Dave and Tom to catch outbound flights as soon as possible, leaving only 50 minutes to complete Open finals. So, after the Jaguars show, we rushed back to the gym where finals began with Toddy and Dan. Coming off demo euphoria and having to play immediately saw both a bit off their games. They went for HUGE moves and combos but had trouble with the clampers. Up next, the masters Tom and Dave started conservatively, caught a couple and then caught fire…especially Dave, who put on a display for the ages. He went dropless and hit huge combos throughout, including a wicked strong close set double gitis. Tom does as only Tom does, flowing, insisting on consecutivity and carrying over a unique chemistry with Dave from Seattle and Ventura. Theirs was clearly the routine of the tournament. Pipo and Gregg came next. Pipo’s game carried over from the big winds and again he played strongly. He was by far the most consistent jammer, playing both extremes of conditions with equal flair and consistency. Gregg was clearly in his element, hitting the electric Ugglos…er…Uggos…for which he prides himself. Up last were Jeff K. and Paul K. We struggled a bit but had fun going for the Peanuts theme by half sponning and half doing the routine we did in Milwaukee and Seattle.

After the awards ceremony (with FPA sponsored trophies and Olympics-styled gold, silver and bronze medals in honor of the ongoing competition in Australia), Pipo and Dave Lewis raced to the airport while Tom hung out about an hour more. Since it is 45 minutes to the airport, Tom did not want to feel rushed. With 50 minutes until his flight, Tom finally headed out and, pulling an OJ (the Hertz commercial OJ, not the white Bronco OJ), got hit in his butt by the aircraft door closing. The rest of us stayed a couple hours more in the gym, getting the mob up they all came to get. The hero of the mob up Jeff O’Brien, hitting head-scratching moves followed by head-scratching moves. Dan Yarnell jammed nonstop the whole two hours doing the things only he can do. Gregg sent a spinning disc through the hoop with Scott pulling out the delay. Other jammers not competing but coming out for the kharmonic mix were Rik Downs and Ron King. Ron’s game is very strong, even coming off some serious back problems and a two-year hiatus. Rik also played great. Several other Florida freestylers also took in the action to become reacquainted with the sport and its “personalities”.

The now traditional post-tourney and Paganelloesque Italian dinner was the theme for the evening…lasagna, other pasta, chicken parm and marsala and ample Bolla Merlot were the main consumables. The “dance” portion saw most out on the patio observing Cindy and others making up their own music to her moves…singing “Maniac” clearly fit. Jeff O’Brien’s steps were the most unique displays of body movements seen this side of electrocutions. Hot-tubs were next with peanut gallery heckling the whole time. The local peace officers essentially ensured a 15 way tie for winning the party. It was a huge laughathon. Extra Special Thanks to Lawrence Frederick, and Carl Emerson. Much appreciation also to: Cheryl, Pauline, Jim, Jeanine, Mike, Stacy, Dick and Holly for all their wonderful support.


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