Do you have a great idea for improving or expanding freestyle? 

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Grant Application and Guidelines

The FPA is proud to offer a Spread the Jam Grant Program. We are looking for creative ideas and initiatives to help promote freestyle disc, offering funds of up to $500 USD (approximately 450€) per project.
Goals. The Spread the Jam Grants are issued to qualifying applicants who have presented a creative initiative that will promote the growth of freestyle disc sports in local communities and around the world.  We want to create links between the FPA and events within local communities, to serve members’ needs, and to provide documentation that will inspire others. Each event (outreach endeavor, creative project, or start-up tournament) will be evaluated individually by the Grants Selection Committee.
To apply for a Spread the Jam Grant, download the application form and answer the all questions as fully as possible. Submit your application to
Applicants may request a grant of up to $500 USD or 300€.   Exact grant amounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be dependent on FPA budget constraints.  (Grants are not guaranteed and some projects may receive only partial funding; others may not receive any funding.)
1.    Keep answers brief (yet complete).
2.    Understand that the Grant Selection Committee is not looking for a particular answer to any question.
3.    Don’t worry if you can’t answer all questions – do your best.
4.    Respect the decisions of the hard-working volunteer Grant Selection Committee – we would like to support every application, but may not be able to grant funds to all those submitted.
5.    Documentation. If awarded any grant funding, within 4 months of your project, you must:
 – Write an article about your completed project for the FPA website, and
 – Submit pictures, newspaper articles, programs and other documents for the FPA website.
Should a grant awardee not fulfill the expectations of documenting their event, fiscal responsibility (i.e., using funds for other than the awarded project), or other requests noted above he/she/the project will not be eligible for future Spread the Jam Grant awards.
  • Application for an activity between Jan 1 thru March 31: Deadline is no later than Nov 1 (of previous year) ** for 2015: deadline is extended to Dec 1, 2015
  • Application for an activity between April 1 thru June 30: Deadline is no later than Feb 1
  • Application for an activity between July 1 thru Sept 30: Deadline is no later than May 1
  • Application for an activity between Oct 1 thru Dec 31: Deadline is no later than Aug 1
  • Each application will be reviewed by the Grants Selection Committee during the next FPA Board meeting.
  • Applicants can submit their proposals at any time prior to the deadline of their proposed event/function.



The FPA Board of Directors will review the Grant program each year to determine financial feasibility of the program.  We welcome comments and suggestions for improvements.  Thank you for your patience with this process.