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  • Z
  • Weyand
  • Z, Dreamer
  • United States
  • Rochester, Minn.
  • Santa Monica, CA, US
  • Zoology/Art
  • 1968
  • Player Bio

    Z used to be known as Dreamer and a story about his creation of the up-side down “Dream Shot” was included in Dr. Stancil Johnson’s treatise on frisbee. Z was competing in tournaments before freestyle was an event, so he was an overall player who won titles in Guts and competed nationally on many fine ultimate teams. Freestyle was always the original attraction and throughout the late 60’s and 70’s Z invented many moves, throws and catches. Being one of those freestylers who usually didn’t have a partner, Z hooked up with many up and comers and always was a “quality filler” (as he would put it). He has done countless demos including for the Boys Club, Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Rams. Along with Dave Lewis he has just completed an instructional dvd for new players. After all these years he still feels that Frisbee is the sport of the future.

  • Career Highlights

    Masters Freestyle Champion 1991. 3rd Jackson Hole 2003. Finals at FT. Collins doing the “James Bond” routine with Peter Bowie and Danny Cameranesi. Memeber of the US Team Japan 1977

  • How I Started

    Played at Colorado University 1966. In Berkeley, Calif 1968, we got more serious with our play. Playing mainly on the concrete we experimented with new throws, catchesand different types of discs.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Throw: foot subMove and Catch: nail guide to a scarecrow brush to a flying spinning gitis snagola.

  • Mentors

    Victor Malafronte, Dave Book, Chuck Pitt

  • Partners

    Just about everyone in the FPA. Silvey, Murph, Roddick, Wright, Givens, Lewis, Rose,….
    My jamming partners are Dave Lewis and Dave Adelson.

  • Media & Appearances

    Check out the new dvd on freestyle. I once did a commercial with Arnold Palmer in the late 80’s.Many newspaper articles about meditation and disc play in the 70’s.

  • Sponsors

    god and all it’s/his / her spellings.

  • Other Fun

    Going downhill on the steepest slope you can find in a foot of powder snow. Pulling off a toe-drag then faking the slapshot and deke-ing the bisquit home on the backhand.

Tournament History