Thanks to all of the FPA Members who voted, to all of the candidates for their desire to contribute to our sport, and congratulations to our newly elected Board Members!!


Seventy five votes were cast in this election.  Some people did not vote in every category.


Executive Director

Paul Kenny                         received 44 votes,   58.67%

Arthur Coddington                received 31 votes,   41.33%


Marketing Director

Lori Daniels                             received 58 votes,   81.69%

James Wiseman                      received 12 votes,   16.90%

Jakub Kostel                           received 1 vote,         1.41%


Education Director

Fabio Sanna                            received 73 votes,    100%


Competition Director

No candidate to

suggest at this time               received 43 votes,     67.19%


Yes, I have someone

to suggest                                received 21 votes,     32.81%


Of the 21 people who suggested candidates for Comeptition Director some people suggested two or even three names.  Here are the results:

Florian Hess  –  5 votes

Paul Kenny –     4 votes

Arthur Coddington – 2 votes

Reto Zimmerman – 2 votes

Ryan Young – 2 votes

All received one vote: Jakub Kostel, Tom Leitner, Freddy Finner, Claudio Cigna, Alex Leist, Carsten Heim, and Christian Lamred.


By-Laws Changes

Yes                                          received 71 votes,     95.95%

No                                           received 3 votes,         4.05%