We have gotten a great volunteer response from membership stepping up to help develop the recently approved judging system changes.  In discussing the scope of effort and the number of volunteers, we will be able to set up a more robust system for implementation.  We are setting up the process with both a committee (Development Team – working directly with Ryan to implement the mechanics of the system) and a Research Team to implement the new system at various tournaments, testing it out and collecting feedback for the Development Team.  There will be many iterations.


Feedback from anyone in the community may be brought to anyone in the Research Team or Committee (Development Team) at any time.  The more feedback, the better the final product.  If any others wish to be on the Research Team, please let anyone on the FPA Board know…A Research Member could be associated with an event but could also utilize online videos as a way to develop feedback regarding beneficial changes.


With that said, congratulations and a huge thanks to the Committee and Research Team for volunteering!  Ryan will be contacting everyone shortly.


Committee (Development Team)

Juliana Korver

Freddy Finner

Edoardo Turri

James Wiseman

Thomas Nötzel


Research Team

Larry Imperiale (Jammers)

Jakub Kostel (Frisbeer)

Oren Meron (Israeli hats and others)

Baruch Afek (possibly Jam Britannia and Israeli hats)

Flo Hess (various Karlsruhe events)

Pavel Baranyk (Bay area events, possibly other west coast events)