Freestyle frisbee is thriving and the amount of videos released every month is the proof! During October and November almost 40 videos were posted. Let’s check them out!


JamWise Productions

James Wiseman is so persistent, consistent and simply good in making and publishing freestyle frisbee videos that I just decided to come up with this name and will use it from now on (okay, maybe I will let him choose his own production name :)). This is what he produced in only two months. Inshredible!



>> Mördi and James at Columbia University in NYC


>> Ryan Young at the Bandshell, Central Park


>> Rain jam in Central Park featuring Benno Edelmann, Jakub Koštel and James Wiseman



>> Mini Jam on the Sheep Meadow featuring James Wiseman and Daniel O’Neill


>> Doug E. Fresh and Giovanni Coppo jamming on the Sheep Meadow





Second really fired-up video-maker is Ayal Benin who is traditionally sharing his Jamories with us. This time he remembers his jams in Amsterdam, Bologna and Udine. And one special memory is of his room he was living for many years and he recently left for good to spread the jam in the Canary Islands!



>> Jamories #12 featuring Gregory Lo-A-Sjoe @ Beursplein, Amsterdam


>> Jamories #13 featuring Gregory Lo-A-Sjoe @ The Tunnel, Amsterdam


>> Jamories #14 – feat. Twister Hills Bologna – part 1


>> Jamories #14.5 – feat. Twister Hills Bologna – part 2


>> Jamories #15 – feat. Silvina & Zanardi in Udine



Lightning films

In October, Tommy was busy with Anzio Jam – a great beach tournament almost on his home turf. From this event, he made three nice videos full of hein moves. Make sure to watch them all and see how Roma jammmers as well as many other guest Eurojammers shred in great beach conditions.



>> Anzio Jam 3 – free jamming


>> Anzio Jam 3 – Monday jam



Various Artists

Amongst other videos you can find some great pieces, too. Ryan’s edit from the last Beach weekend, nice TV report from FPAW, beautiful beach video from Portugal, Roveretto jammers going off or Beliners shredding at Velo, just to mention few… see for yourselves.



>> Electronic Frisbee-Show in China by Jan M. Sörensen


>> Sleepy and Dünk am Strand


>> Jammers from Rovereto shredding in “La Sourc”



>> The Hayabosis Butt Brush | Frisbee Freestyle Trick Shot


>> Jam Britannia 2 promo film in grotesque style


>> “When the wind is perfect” – Yuval Reikoren jamming on the Beach in Israel


>> Mördi & Dünk – Velo Jam in Berlin




Back in the days

Two unique pieces of freestyle history emerged during fall and they are really worth watching!


An outstanding documentary about freestyle made a number of years ago by Jason Salkey, featuring himself and 5 freestylers who heavily influenced his game: John Dwork, Krae Van Sickle, Sue Strait, Donnie Rhodes and Chris Ryan.



>> 1982 World Disc Championships Freestyle Highlights (Santa Cruz, CA)




Winter is as good as every other time to learn some new stuff. Even if your room is not that large, you can try to practice some new techniques. To learn faster you will most likely appreciate these PRO tips by Paul Kenny. And you should really explore this new way of nailing up! From what I heard, it is really convenient.



>> Blueberry Pancake to a Goat Hair by Jake Gauthier


>> Paul Kenny Explains the Whip Over – Part 1


>> Paul Kenny Discusses the Whip Over – Part 2 – The Give


>> Paul Kenny Explains the Whip Over – Part 3 – The Receive


>> Paul Kenny Explains Catching Multiple Discs


>> Paul Kenny Explains The Sub




And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed. Zzz you next time (in January) for another video load!