The recent post regarding new membership structure, routines length for WOC 2017 and other topics received some feedback, pretty much all of it excellent points.  The Board hears you and are going to make the following changes/modifications.


  1.  By now, all the FPA members should find the survey for the WFDF routines in their inboxes, basically asking the question, do you want 3 or 4 minute routines. Also, there is still the ongoing vote for the new FPA board members. Make sure you participate in both of these surveys before December 14th.
  1.  We will change the way we assign FPA Membership numbers.  We have not finalized exactly what we will do but it is likely to take the form of some kind of raffle, so everyone has a shot at a low number.  
  1.  There has been a fair amount of misunderstanding among our community, and even among the board members regarding the definitions of the different types of tournaments.  To address this, we are working on a matrix that will show the characteristics of the different levels of tournaments – how many people are competing, which tournaments get FPA sponsorship funds, which ones must use the FPA Competition Manual including the FPA Judging System and the timing of the routines, which ones get higher ranking points, and which ones are obliged to offer certain (or all) divisions.


Thank you for all your feedback!