Wow! So many new videos in April 2016. Here we go!


In the beginning of the month the new Spread the jam project video featuring Philipp Krüger from Berlin came out. It has been already posted and you can also check it out together with the rest of STJP videos on a new Spread the jam project video page.


James Wiseman, as traditionally, has been the most productive videographer of the month, serving us a bunch of videos, not only from New York City. Let’s check them out! In March James visited Italy to practice for the Worlds and jam with the locals. Here is a nice beach jam with Manu and Cega.



Now let’s get back to NY and start with two locals, Roger and Daniel, jamming in the Meadow.



Another NY jam, this time featuring James and Pavel Baranyk from the Czech Republic, one of Europe’s most fired up jammers, who visited the Big Apple for few days. By the way, Pavel is currently moving to California so you should catch him up for a jam if you have the chance.





Krae Van Sickle, one of the legends of freestyle frisbee, reemerged for a Meadow jam and as you can see he did not lose any of his elegance while handling the disc.



The last piece from James – one of his practice sessions in slow motion! Incredible stuff as always…For more inspiration visit his Freestyle frisbee study tapes Youtube channel.



Now let’s get back to Europe and start with another solo jam edit by Stefan Dünkel aka Dünk from Berlin. He’s got some hein moves, right?



Next video comes from Italy and features the Sanna brothers and Andrea Pecchiari jamming by the Villa Englemann. Shredful!



Another video from Italy, this time from Torino, where Claudio Cigna lives and shreds. Short but cool!




Two tutorial videos came out in April and both are good especially for the beginners. In the first video Matt Gauthier explains how to do the two hand throw which is important for learning the nail delay.



In the second tutorial video Ryan Young will teach you how to spin. Really useful stuff!


Other videos worth mentioning


>> Czech freestylers featured in a nice music clip together with other freestyle and extreme athletes

>> Routines and results from VA States 2016

>> EFO 2016 results with some of the routine videos


Zzz ya next month in the May video overveiw. Keep shredding and don’t forget to share your videos.