To all Jammers, especially Competitors and Tournament Directors:

After many years of tireless work Arthur Coddington asked the community to support and adopt the important work of collecting tournament results, calculating and posting them. The ranking points are the basis of our entire competition system. Without them we wouldn’t be able to run tournaments that fairly as we do.

Thanks Arthur, in the name of our whole community, for all the important work you have done for us!!

After a few months of no answers and no more ranking updates I tried to find jammers, willing to support me by keeping the FPA Ranking up-to-date.

Now, I’m so happy to announce, that our ranking system works again. Kolja Hannemann from Berlin and Ilka Simon from Cologne took the responsibility, learned how the system works and how to work it out from Arthur and calculated all tournaments after FPAW 2014.

Thanks again Arthur, Ilka and Kolja!!

Important for all TDs: We created a new email which is supposed to collect all tournament results from all freestyle tournaments. Please send all your results after FPAW 2014 that are not considered yet and all results for all future tournaments to

Until the new FPA website is ready to manage the FPA Rankings, they will be posted as text on shrednow.
Here are the latest rankings:


Freddy Finner

FPA Competition Director

Posted by: Freddy Finner <>