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  • October 10, 2018

    FPA partners with XDisc

    All,   Please join the FPA Board and welcome Xdisc as the Official Junior Training Disc of the FPA.  The FPA has joined up with Xdisc, recognizing the impact they have had and will continue to have on junior freestyle.   This opportunity will allow the FPA global and demographic reach to expand significantly.   […]

  • October 2, 2018

    Bids for FPAW 2020 and AFO 2019

    The FPA is currently accepting bids for both:   the 2020 FPA Worlds (in 2 years) and the 2019 American Freestyle Open (next year).    Those of you in South America (Medellin) and Canada (Toronto) should also consider applying for AFO!  Below you can find the applications.  Contact any of us on the FPA Board if you […]

  • October 1, 2018

    New judging committee and Research team announcement

    All,   We have gotten a great volunteer response from membership stepping up to help develop the recently approved judging system changes.  In discussing the scope of effort and the number of volunteers, we will be able to set up a more robust system for implementation.  We are setting up the process with both a […]

  • September 26, 2018

    FPA ELECTIONS: Executive Director

    Greetings FPA Members!   Have some great ideas in order to grow the sport of Freestyle? Ever want to have a larger impact on Freestyle Frisbee/Disc? Got a couple hours on some weekend days throughout the year to brainstorm about creative ways to Spread the Jam? Want to be part of our freestyle community continuing […]

  • September 25, 2018

    FPA Disc Design Contest 2019

    Greeting FPA members and Interested Others!   The time to submit your awesome disc design for the annual FPA Disc Design Contest is now !  As you know, each year we review some amazing designs created by those who appreciate the art of jamming. And, this year is no different.   We are now open to submissions for the 2019 FPA discs, […]

  • September 9, 2018


    You can also check and download detailed rankings – including the list of each player’s best 8 results. This Month Last Month Name Country Gender Best 8 Results # of Events 1 2 Young, Ryan USA m 1965,25 22 2 3 Wiseman, James USA m 1741,25 22 3 6 Kostel, Jakub CZE m 1436,5 27 4 13 […]


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