On behalf of the Freestyle Players Association (FPA), the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame (FDHOF) Committee announces the inaugural class of 22 inductees. Among them are these five individuals in the “Pioneer” Class for the FDHOF:


  • Victor Malafronte
  • John “Z” Weyand
  • Dan “Stork” Roddick
  • Ken Westerfield
  • Jim Kenner


Their play, innovation and influence began in the formative years prior to competition, and was critical to the origin of the competitive sport of Freestyle.


The following four players are being inducted due to their high level of play and influence on freestyle beginning during the pivotal 1975 year of when the new sport of freestyle started to come together:


  • Irv Kalb
  • Kerry Kollmar
  • John Kirkland
  • Mikael Hjartsjo (Sweden)


The remaining 13 players of the inaugural class of inductees are recognized for their leadership and exemplary play beginning during the remarkable year of 1976.  Their play helped the game of freestyle develop into a popular sport with elements such as tipping and air brushing becoming commonplace, and the nail delay beginning to be used. These individuals are:


  • Gail McColl
  • Jo Cahow
  • Dave Marini
  • Doug Corea
  • Freddie Haft
  • Erwin Velasquez
  • Jens Velasquez
  • Joey Hudoklin
  • Richie Smits
  • Krae Van Sickle
  • Jeff Felberbaum
  • G Rose
  • Laura Engel


The Freestyle Players Association is in the process of updating its website link for the FDHOF. Once that is in place, it will be built up with content reflecting the contributions of each of these amazing individuals who helped shape the form of Freestyle play.




The FPA World Championships in New York, New York will have a special ceremony to formally recognize these individuals on Saturday August 6th. Details of that event are forthcoming.


The FDHOF criteria for induction is as follows:


– Display of outstanding play

– Exceptional competitive success

– Influential impact on the sport of Freestyle

– Innovation of important techniques

– Advancement of Freestyle in a significant way

– Providing a positive influence on play


A player becomes eligible for consideration 40 years after their first documented event in Freestyle. Next year’s induction class will be from 1977.


Induction requires a minimum of an 80% vote of support by the FDHOF Committee members.


Those Committee Members are: Kevin Givens (Chair), Dan Roddick, Jim Palmeri, Larry Imperiale, Bethany Sanchez, Roger Meier, Dave Schiller, Jan Ekman.


Committee Members cannot vote for themselves or influence votes for their own candidacy as an FDHOF Candidate. The voting panel will evolve as the hall develops.


May 16, 2016