AFO 2017 bids


This is a request for bids to host the 2017 AFO (and to give initial thoughts to applying for 2018 FPAW as well). The application link below is a great way to understand requirements and process for applying.  We have some excellent possibilities out there for 2017 AFO and look forward to seeing some great bids.


The link below will bring you to the tournament application .pdf file, as well other resources.  This is the most current tournament application document that includes some changes.  The most important of these are:


  1.  AFO and EFO will be alternating years and will always be OPEN*.  
  2.  The FPAW sponsorship has changed in terms of amount of financial support, and will no longer require extensive proof of spending for trophies and other tournament-related expenses.


* These changes have been made for a multitude of reasons.  The FPA is trying to be good stewards of your money, donations etc.  To put on a Major freestyle event or FPA Worlds is a significant undertaking; and trying to have both AFO/EFO tournaments every year puts significant demand on Tournament Director energy and availability.  It is hoped that in general (not always) there can be a Major on either side of the Atlantic each year. It also makes these events a bit more exclusive.



FPA Monthly Forum

With great gratitude to Mystiq, Jakub K., Lori and Randy, the FPA now has an online FPA Monthly Forum (as you all know).  This is a great resource for everyone and a way to increase our outreach toward anyone interested in freestyle, stay in touch with current, past, and (hopefully) future FPA members, and to generate a new sources of revenue.  The next issue of the FPA Monthly Forum will be out soon.  Tell your friends to submit their email and join the mailing list to get the most up-to-date information.


If you are not signed up for recieving the Monthly Forum yet, subscribe here.


Freestyle disc Hall of Fame

As many of you are aware, the Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame (FDHOF) inaugural class has been announced with 22 inductees from pre-1976 and the HOF class of 1976.   Thanks to Skippy and the whole HoF committee for making this happen!  The FPA Board with the FDHOF committee are working on an extremely Limited Edition mini disc and special HOF Skystyler to commemorate this historical moment.  Be ready to bid when these become available!


Educational pamphlet

Fabio and a host of others are working on an educational pamphlet that perhaps can be customized for local events to be printed out to passers-by to help spread the jam and generate more web traffic. We also will be providing an electronic version of the pamphlet that can be modified to accommodate your local jam communities out-reach needs. You’ll be hearing about this over the next few months.


FPAW lodging

If you still need lodging for FPAW in New York, please contact Daniel O’Neill as he has made a special effort to find inexpensive lodging close to all before, during, and after FPAW events.  Further, the NYC FPAW staff has invested a large sum of money to make this premier event happen. Let’s support their hard work and energy!


First and foremost: Remember to register for FPAW.  It is important for tournament organizers to understand the number of competitors that are coming.  Late registration costs more and puts extra stress on Roger, Brad, Daniel and the whole NYC FPAW staff.