FPAW’23 is over, and even if it was not as populated as other editions, many countries were represented in this high-level tournament. You can already check out all videos HERE.


Congratulations to all the winners! Here are the podiums of each division:


For Women Pairs:

1. Katy Gimma & Angela Avendano

2. lka Simon & Bianca Strunz

3. Char Powell & Monica Andrea Correa

For Open Pairs:

  1. Daniel O’Neill & James Wiseman
  2. William Ho & Ryan Young
  3. Santiago Sepulveda & Jhonatan Vanegas

For Mixed Pairs:

  1. Ilka Simon & James Wiseman
  2. Angela Avendano & Daniel O’Neill
  3. Katy Gimma & Pablo Azul

For Open Coop:

  1. William Ho, James Wiseman & Ryan Young
  2. Anka Radwanska, Tom Leitner & Daniel O’Neill
  3. Paul Kenny, Santiago Sepulveda & Jhonatan Vanegas


Thanks again to Medellin Jammers for taking care of the organization, and everyone involved in the tournament.

Thanks for the support over the years to DiscraftXDISCUltimo.cz.

Last but not least, thanks to all the competitors, live audience and the jammers who joined the live streaming!


We’ll see you next year in Poland for FPAW’24 – mark the dates for 14.08 to 18.08!


Your FPA


Credit: Anne Barth (https://annebarth.de) – IG @freestyle.film / @annebarthphoto