Hi Jammers,
It is yet again that time of year when the beauty of fresh summer jams begins to wane, that time when we--the bold, fearless few--must look ahead to the future of our sport. It is that time when we must courageously decide the fate our small, round, plastic savior: the official FPA Discraft Skystyler. 
And thus, the FPA board looks again to the brave artists among us to submit their offers to the 2014 Disc Design ContestThis year’s deadline will be October 4, 2013. You can send designs (including previous submissions) or questions to your FPA Director of Education, James Wiseman, at jrwiseman2@gmail.com. More details below.
The current design, Fabio Vinciguerra’s cityscape design, will be available in member packages through December and afterwards individually through the Wrightlife. Please take this opportunity to support your FPA board and our beloved sport by purchasing a membership and receiving this disc before the 2014 season. Follow this link to the Wrightlife’s FPA store: http://www.wrightlife.com/freestyle-players-association/
A friendly reminder about memberships: all FPA memberships expire December 31 (they do not extend a year from the purchase date). So regardless of when you renewed your membership this year, you will need to renew again in 2014. The winning design from this year’s contest is expected to be ready for shipment by January 1, so we hope you all will consider renewing your memberships at that time. 
For those of you submitting designs: the winning designer will receive 10 discs, a jammer-level FPA membership and packet, as well as promotional appreciation and links on the FPA website. The design will also be posted on the FPA store at zazzle.com, where you can find all the FPA paraphernalia you need.
The requirements:
1. Light ink (no large solid areas) and very little or no ink in the center.
2. Include the words “Freestyle Players Association” and “freestyledisc. org” Traditionally, special emphasis and attention will be given to those designs that incorporate the names (or likenesses) of the 2012 FPA World Champions. This is not mandatory.
3. Print specs for the disc are as follows:
Two colors! Send each color separation as an individual file or on separate layers.
6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in diameter
Minimum line weight tolerance: 1pt
Maximum line weight: “no larger than approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm)”
(Please be sure to use the “create outline” option on all text for Illustrator and PhotoShop files. )
4. The design becomes property of the FPA and the FPA reserves the right to modify the submitted design.
5. Format. For judging purposes we just need a jpeg, have the others files ready. The final design can be either an Adobe Illustrator (Mac and PC) file, Adobe PhotoShop (Mac and PC) files, or .tif files.
6. All artwork submitted electronically should be two megabytes or less. You can use WinZip (PC) or Stuff-it (Mac) if you need to compress your file to make the file smaller.
7. Send questions and artwork to jrwiseman2@gmail.com
 Thank you!
The FPA Board