Dear Jamily,


after a long consideration we decided not to proceed with EFO this year. There were several reasons leading to this decision.


  • Covid uncertanity – even though the situation is still good here in Czech Republic, there are some indications in other countries that things could still go sideways…same as last fall. Plus EFO was supposed to be an indoor event and if there are any restrictions put in place again, indoor events will be the first to get canceled.
  • Money – as we started to think about hosting the event relatively late, we were not able to get any extra financial support and the budget would rely solely on the entry fees. And with the above-mentioned uncertanity we would be risking loosing a lot of money if not enough people showed up (just renting the gym for 3 days would require at least 50 players paying the full fee of 60 €).
  • Not enough time – I personally am running or co-running 4 disc golf tournaments within a month from the planned EFO date. Other members of Frisbeer crew are busy as well and we just would’t be able to invest enough time to bring you the event on a level you are used to. If we host an event, especially one like EFO, we want to have it a TOP quality and we just feel we could not pull this off this time.


I’m sure all of you understand these reasons and we’ll just have to wait for the first after-covid major a bit longer.


We really hope to be able to host you in Prague for Frisbeer Cup 2022. The date we aim for is February 25 – 27 so mark your calendars. If it’s happening, it will be BIG!


Zzzz’s and hugs,


Jakub Koštel and Frisbeer crew