Hey jammers!


An update on the World Urban Games. Much is still to be decided and most of it is fluid. I will tell what
we know and what we don’t know as best I can. This is likely the one best opportunity our sport has to
get MAJOR exposure and we are all invested in it!


1. The only category will be MIXED. Teams will need to be COUNTRY SPECIFIC (there may be some
flex on country specific, we are checking but are not sure).


2. 12 teams will be allowed. Two countries can have up to 3 teams each and the other countries
can have one team only. Of course if we can get more countries that is preferred.


3. Please let the FPA Board know if you are interested in competing in this historic event.


4. The FPA is brainstorming fundraising ideas, especially for flights. There is the hope lodging and
food can be managed. We would ask those countries with disc organizations to find out what
they can contribute. We are also looking for other ideas as to how to generate funding to help
support this initiative. Donations, individuals paying a share etc. is also encouraged.


5. The FPA kept in reserve FPA numbers 1-20 and will be looking to auction these off after the new
year to benefit this “once in a lifetime” opportunity at a first impression. Also, please bid often
and very high for the E-bay auction that will be forthcoming soon (Hall of Fame stuff mainly).


6. Again, the location will be Los Angeles and the dates appear firm as 19-22 September 2019. It is
hoped this will be close enough to FPAW that a west coast tour can again happen! FPAW dates
will be coming soon.


7. The event will be live streamed on the Olympic Channel!


8. The main thing is freestyle now has an opportunity to participate in the Olympic movement. We
are a small sport and it is hoped everyone can find a way to contribute.


9. There are sure to be questions and we do not have all the answers yet but the above is what we
know at this time. As we find out more we will let you know!