African Beach Games

Fellow jammers, here is some exciting and urgent news! WFDF has asked the FPA to help recruit new freestylers in Africa. They have identified the African Beach Games in Cape Verde June 14 – 23 as a good place to spread the jam! To help with the trip expenses, WFDF will provide $750 US Dollars for each of six jammers. The $750 US Dollars may not cover the whole cost but it should go a long way, especially for Europeans…and this IS on the beach!! We are awaiting information on how WFDF will proceed with timing, booking flights and lodging. First we need to we determine who will attend.


We need to identify 4 more volunteers to accompany Daniel O’Neill and Graf Mordi. Daniel and Graf were selected by WFDF in consultation with the FPA Board when it was thought only 2 could go – and they have agreed. We are still working to get details, but it is believed that the visit would be for a few days, not necessarily for the whole duration of the event (but could be!).


We are looking for folks with some experience spreading the jam, and it would be great to get men and women!  The FPA is also looking for help in putting together “Jam Kits” of discs, slick, glue and nails for the event. It is imperative for us to find jammers who will sustain the activity and grow the sport in Africa. This is a great opportunity for us to start that process.


The sooner we know who the other 4 jammers are, the better for everyone.  If you are interested, please let us know at