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  • Josh
  • Emerson
  • Stiicks, Eme
  • United States
  • Putnam, Connecticut
  • Brooklyn, CT, US
  • Killingly High School
  • http://www.myspace.com/josh3456
  • Played with dad after school almost everyday he picked me up but my first tourmant where I got to play with the players was in 2006
  • Player Bio

    Josh has learned from the best frisbee players in the world and wants to help bring frisbee back in America and in the new age and younger players.
    He invented the move spinitis and can probally gitis anything from his toes to above his head.

    With my dad as a frisbee player it became really fun to watch him and have him teach me how to play and freestyle. Also it was really great to have all of his friends in the frisbee world teach me more frisbee than I have ever learned before.

    After school or in his front lawn to layin in his bed. You can bet theres a frisbee around being thrown up in the air. He is now at killingly high school after he transfred from norwich free academy. During the summer when he is not jamming he is playing Danielson America Senior Legion as a pitcher. Also during the school year he plays varisty soccer, basketball and baseball.

  • Career Highlights

    The Past 4 Jammers Tournament. Wacthing and having the best players in the world teach you more than you ever have before about frisbee.

  • How I Started

    Just playing catch either in the backyard or parks with my dad. Then the 2006 Jammers Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida when the best players in the world taught me more frisbee in 3 days than I have ever learned my whole life.

Player Details

  • Favorite Moves

    Gitis, Spinitis, and any move where you have to jump high to get it.

  • Mentors

    My dad Carl Emerson and Dave Murphy, Pipo, Jeff O’ Brian, PAUL KENNY , Gary Auerbach Jeff Kruger, Dave Lewis, Pat Marron, Jan, ect.

  • Partners

    My first partner was Boston Pops and then my dad Carl Emerson. Also I side jammed with dave murphy, dave lewis, Pipo, Jeff O Brian, Pat Marron, Paul Kenny ect..

  • Media & Appearances

    Local Newspapers

  • Other Fun

    Other sports like Baseball, Basketball and Soccor watching the Red Sox and Marlins, camping at the beach, also hanging out with friends.

Tournament History

2009 The JammersOpen FormatFinals4
2007 The JammersOpen FormatSemi-Finals5