Another amazing tournament. Thanks go to Cheryl, Mom, Lawrence Frederick, JT Rosenthal and Dan Berman for all their help. Carl Emerson once again, a special thanks to you for all you always do.

A special thanks to Cheryl, Mom, Carl, Murf and Pipo for making all 10 Jammers!

A special tribute mention to Fernando Direito as the first European to attend The Jammers.

Thanks to all the Europeans who have made it throughout the years from Fernando to Lorenzo to Jan to Tom to ??? It means so much that you would cross the pond to share in our jam!

Competitively the tournament saw everyone shred…everyone. Everyone hit big stuff. Interesting that the G-Bros almost don’t make finals and then win in the open division. The deep pools guaranteed there would be no guarantees! From Murflips to double gitises celebrating World Gitis Day, shredding was the main course. In mixed, Dave, Amy and Brady Schiller (Brady went dropless :-)) pulled it out over Matt and Lisa. In both open and mixed, if the results had differed, there still would have been no complaint. The play was that good, that even and that deep!

World Gitis Day was celebrated with everyone doing a simultaneous gitis. Photos are in the video link of these attempts. What an amazing thing to share all over the world. From Colombia in South America to China and Japan in the Orient, to the Vikings in Norway to all over Eastern and Western Europe, including Manuel’s I Lazzaroni family picnic 🙂 all of us shared a wonderful connection to each other!

The evening evlauation sessions were another thing. From JT feeding everyone at Mikondo on Friday to the Margs on Saturday to the Italian Festivus on Sunday with the awards ceremony, I was again reminded I have the best friends in the world. The awards ceremony was particularly emotional for me as I reflected on not only the 10 years of The Jammers, but also of my involvement in the sport in general. Being able to share the day with historically important folks in my freestyle life (Cheryl, Mom, the Schillers, Murf, Carl, Frisbee Dan, Pipo and so many more) meant the world to me. Thanks to everyone for coming and sharing the event.


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