Join the FPA or renew for 2021

With the next edition of Tiny Room Challenge (all you need to know about it) taking place this coming weekend and next weekend this is a great time to remind you the FPA membership as well! If you haven’t renewed or joined the FPA yet, now’s a great time as 2021 activities are underway.


There are many good reasons to become a current, paid-up member of the FPA:


  • you’ll have a chance to vote in FPA surveys and elections and have a real influence on the sport
  • you’ll get to compete at FPA sponsored tournaments (if there are any this year)
  • you’ll be entitled to significant discounts on freestyle discs and other merchandise, including rare collector discs at (US) and (Europe)
  • you’ll get your permanent FPA number
  • you’ll support activities to spread the jam to new places across the globe!

The FPA membership is FREE for the first year (and also for juniors until they turn 18).


Read more and SIGN UP HERE


Maybe you are wondering what your money will be used for if there are not (m)any tournaments the FPA can support in 2021. This year our main focus will be spreading the jam worldwide and especially in the developing areas and countries.


If you want to support us in this endeavor, don’t hesitate and join the Jamily now!