May is over so it is time to see what freestyle videos has emerged and enjoy them all at one place.


You have probably already seen the new Spread the Jam Project video featuring Czech jammer Pavel Baranyk. It has been posted before so if you want to rewatch it just click the previous link.


Coming also from James’s video workshop, here is a nice casual jam of two german jammers – Nötzi from Berlin and Harry from Cologne. The spot is the “Berlin beach” – old Tempelhof airport, now used as a public space where people are doing a wide variety of different sports.



The most productive videographer of May 2016 has definitely been Ayal Benin who visited United Kingdom and apparently jammed a lot! Here are four videos of his jams in London and Brighton together with local players.






And as usually here we have a shred-full video of Claudio Cigna practicing at his favourite spot. Mad stuff!




Matt has been very busy making following tutorial videos which are very important for spreading the jam and appreciated by the whole community. First there are two rather beginner tutorials – how to self throw with high zzz’s and how to rim delay. These are really essential for people who are starting to learn to freestyle.




And here we have a useful tip for advanced players – two part tutorial showing how to cove. Matt really knows his stuff!




Other videos worth mentioning

>> Super nice jam of Cologne jammers. Really great edit.

>> Manu talking about freestyle frisbee at Paganello 2016 with some nice shots of jam action.



Hope you enjoyed all the videos. Now go jam and shoot your own cool freestyle video. And don’t forget to share it with us all. Zzz ya next month.