June had fewer freestyle videos than April and May, nevertheless there were at least a few and they are worth it! Here we go:


Pirates from Brighton welcomed their first international guest – Tim Pattberg from Cologne – with heinous jams. Check it out!



Ayal Benin continues to record his jammories from all around the world. This time he visited Freiburg in Germany where freestyle obviously thrives.



Do you remember the roof jam videos (Sunrise and Sunset) of James and Daniel? This time the same guys crushed another roof of New York City and the outcome is definitely worth watching. You can also consider it as a pre-words teaser.





Learning the nail delay is always much easier when you use the plastic nail. However attaching nails with super glue can be sometimes a little scary, especially for beginners and kids. In the following video Mike Galloupe will show you how to create the “newbie nail” which is really easy to use for anyone!



And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed watching all these cool videos. We’ll be back with more next month!