Fellow Jammers,

It is with great pleasure and right on the heels of HolyJam that we are announcing formally what many know that FPAW 2020 will be held in Israel!  It was originally announced on-site at HolyJam so organizers and support staff could hear it first while still glowing in the success of the event.

With the success of HolyJam, and especially with great support from the Israeli Flying Disc Association (IFDA) as well as support of the local organizers, Fresh Ultimate and others, FPAW 2020 is certain to be a great success!  The community is deep and strong and ample resources are available to organizers.

Routines will be 3 (all pairs) and 4 (co-op) minutes as in Seattle.  Also the New 2020 FPA judging system currently under development will be used.

More information as it becomes available!

Photo by Ron Kretschmann